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Incredible footage shows the moment eight houses were pulled into the sea after a giant landslide hit the north of Norway. The houses, along with a caravan and a dog, were pulled into the sea when a chunk of land over 500 meters in width and 160 meters deep was cut off in the area of Alta, Krakneset. 2020-06-04 · A landslide in the far north of Norway swept eight buildings into the sea on Wednesday, with the slow-motion destruction dramatically captured on video. So far there are no reports of anyone dying or being injured by the 800m long, 40m high landslide, although a dog appears to have been swept away. quick clay landslide disaster in Norway. Media in category "Landslide at Gjerdrum, Norway, 2020" The following 76 files are in this category, out of 76 total.

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The chosen test site landslides in clays in Sweden, Norway and Canada with. 8 Jul 1982 Quick-clay landslides are a serious problem in Norway. About 5,000 square miles of the country are overlain with deposits of this treacherous  Quick clay landslide in Norway carries entire neighborhood out to sea. Luckily, there was enough time to evacuate and no one was hurt. Share on Facebook  Gjerdrum: a quick clay landslide disaster in Norway this morning The latest update on the Gjerdrum landslide is in a new post. [ March 18, 2021 ] Added:  A major landslide destroyed homes overnight in a village in Norway close to the capital Oslo, Alta: a truly remarkable video of a quick clay landslide in Norway.

Thick, marine clay deposits in valleys along the Norwegian coast are  Thick, marine clay deposits in valleys along the Norwegian coast are occasionally subjected to large landslides involving quick clay. Ale Torg 7, Nödinge. av C Ghirardini · 2016 — The road was subjected to landslides, so a reinfor- cement was Norwegian orogeny.

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Salty and stable clay. Clay particles are negatively charged due to a surplus of electrons in their atomic Quick clay is found below the marine level (the present elevation of where the sea level was at end of the last ice age) in Scandinavia.

Quick clay landslide norway


NGI has developed a methodology for identifying, as well as assessing the degree of danger, consequence and risk of landslides in areas with quick clay. Some of the most famous quick clay landslides in Norway are the Verdal slide, in 1893, where 116 people died, and the Rissa landslide, in 1973, where one person died.

Quick clay landslide norway

The first quick-clay hazard mapping started in the beginning of 1980, in the southeast and middle parts of Norway, initiated by the big quick-clay landslide in Rissa, Norway, in 1978.
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“This is the largest landslide in recent times in Norway, considering the number of houses involved and the number of evacuees,” NVE spokesman Laila Hoivik told AFP. 2020-12-30 · Thanks 007, the video is very informative about quick clay landslide. In 1893 "Verdalsraset" in Mid Norway costed 116 persons lives when some 3 sqkm with 55 million cubic meters wiped away 105 farms to the sea. A well-known typical example of a quick-clay landslide occurred on April 29, 1978 in the Rissa area, north of Trondheim, Central Norway (Gregersen, 1981; L'Heureux et al., 2012) (Fig. 5). Part of northern Norway was washed out to sea yesterday!

2021-3-25 · Generally speaking, Norway is a safe country to live in.
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The   Thick, marine clay deposits in valleys along the Norwegian coast are occasionally subjected to large landslides involving quick clay. Detailed mapping of the  31 Dec 2020 A landslide smashed into a residential area near the Norwegian capital, The area around the village of Ask is known for so-called quick clay,  The sediments at the NTNU research site Dragvoll, Trondheim, Norway methods that may also serve as landslide mitigation measures in quick-clay areas is needed. Keywords: quick clay,; mineralogy,; pore-water chemistry,; geotechnic 4 Jun 2020 The NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) have stated the cause of the slide was quick clay, which are common causes  30 Dec 2020 Quick clay is a sort of clay found in Norway and Sweden that can collapse and turn to fluid when overstressed. It is known to be prevalent in the  On 2nd February 2015, a landslide occurred adjacent to two parallel bridges on the E18 Case-study of a quick clay landslide that caused the partial collapse of landslide that caused the partial collapse of Mofjellbekken bridges in Police Gjerdrum: a quick clay landslide disaster in Norway this morning The latest  Quick clay landslides have caused a large number of natural disasters in Norway .

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Unnskyld meg, men Ka Norway Landslide Takes Homes Into Sea | Voice of America Informasjon  Geer for his invention of the clay-varve dating method and von Post as the father of pollen analysis. rapid change as well as long term evolution over millions of years. We work Late Precambrian till on the Varanger Peninsula, Norway. Lundqvist, J. 2010: Deposits from landslides and avalanches triggered by seismic. concern here include for example future changes in flooding, landslides, the easy accessibility of high-quality groundwater made it a low priority in the The main part of sediments in Hanöbukten consists of sand and clay, which in turn are Skagerrak, mainly in the Norwegian trench and in the eastern Skagerrak, off the  Krog Vietnamesiska foodtrucken Bun Bun får fast hem på Söder.